1. The tourist male and female please kindly be informed that it’s a dress code for the temple visit in the Angkor Park which your shoulder and knees has to be covered up with a proper clothes. Scarf is not allowed.

2. We would love to recommend you to wear the light cotton because it’s really hot and humid particularly between March and June.

3. Your camera and phone’s charger should be brought along due to you can re-charge them during your meal time.

4. The American Dollar is acceptable everywhere in Cambodia. There are many ATM Machines where you also can withdraw your cashes and it provides you both currency USD and Riel (local currency)

5. Please take note that all torn, old notes of USD bill and coin are not acceptable in Cambodia.

6. Sun Scream and Bugs Spray are recommended to use during the temple visit due to the heat and mosquitos. Both can be found in the city at Seven Eleven in the town.


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